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Why become an affiliate?


If you have a business with clients that require money payments services online, or foreign exchange, then you can benefit from becoming associated with us and our partners – a company that is highly accredited for World Wide currency exchange and transfers.
– There is no cost to become an affiliate. We just need to ensure that our services will generate revenue for both of our businesses.  Please complete the form below, and we will be in touch.


– We can enhance your business by, not only offering your clients an excellent service, but by rewarding you fnancially. To discuss the financial benefits, please contact us.
– We assist our affiliates with all facets of currency exchange, from performing one-off transactions, to assisting with international payroll.
– We currently work with numerous property agents, developers, lawyers, financial advisors and migration specialists.
– We will supply you with payment confirmations so that you can be reassured that your client transactions have taken place.
– We can also assist you with the repatriation of commissions as well as joint marketing initiatives.
– We have a range of online web site tools, widgets and plugins to help your sites to generate more affiliate revenue

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