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We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of foreign exchange and money services for businesses.

When trading internationally, most businesses give little thought to the rate of exchange until they need the transaction to take place.

If you plan ahead, you can minimise your business exposure to the currency fluctuations that can eat into your projected business profit.

Our corporate currency services include a dedicated dealer who can help to minimise risk. Your dealer will track the currency that you intend to buy and will notify you when your desired rate is achieved.

We are specialists in providing currency exchange solutions in the highly competitive commercial market, offering a personal dealer for every corporate account.

Security: Your money has never been safer. See more on our authorisations.

Rates: We always offer market leading exchange rates across standard and exotic currencies.

Forward Buying of currency: We offer fixed rate currency contracts that you can buy ahead of your supplier invoice payment.

Commercial currency rates: Our business clients enjoy the benefit of commercial exchange rates.

Payments Services: As GCEN are a payments services provider, we can make (and recieve) multiple payments in various currencies. This is ideal for global payroll payments.

Let US watch the rates for YOU


Each of our brokers specialise in a different corporate sector.
Our services range throughout the business spectrum, and include: Financial services institutions, Importers, exporters and Pension funds.

Contact us, to see how we can enhance your profitability. There is no fee for this service. We simply save your business money in Foreign Exchange Transactions and with our Money Transfers and Payments Services.

Some businesses have a requirement to perform many currency trades each day.
For these corporations, we provide access to our bespoke online trading platform.

Please contact us to discuss how we can provide you, and your team, with a bespoke online trading platform positioned within your own web site.

To discuss how our services may save your business money, and time, please contact our UK head Office +44 (0)1480 474517

Alternatively, please take a few minutes to complete our registration form.

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When you need currency exchange, forward contracts and money payment services

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