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Buy Sell foreign exchange in business

Online currency exchange referral systems GCEN » Buy Sell foreign exchange in business

We specialise in currency exchange, so we pass our commercial advantage onto our clients. You get a better exchange rate and save your business on currency exchange.

Telephone transactions:
  • Ideally suited for businesses making transactions in excess of £1m per annum.
  • Available to all businesses, whatever size of transaction.
  • Ideal for buying forward contracts.

Online transactions:
  • Our online business payments facility is ideal for companies that exchange up to the value of £1m per annum.
  • You can instruct live currency exchanges, fix rates, and instruct payments online.
  • Online transactions are available for amounts equivalent to £200 and £100,000

Use our Rate Watch Service – We notify you
GCEN has a simple International business payments service.

At commercial exchange rates, we offer your business the facility to:

Pay your suppliers: Save money with no transfer charges, or commission when you use us to pay your suppliers in a different currency.

Pay your payroll staff: We offer a payroll payments service. You lodge one payment with us, and we exchange that into the currencies required to pay your staff. We then make all payroll payments, with no charges, or commission.

Settle foreign currency invoices: Save time and money. Settle your invoices online. Use our online facility to make a currency exchange to the value of your invoice, pay us , and we exchange the currency and send the payment to your supplier in their currency.

Receive overseas payments: We offer a payment receiving service.

To discuss how our commission-free currency exchange facilities can enhance your business profits, please call us on:

+44 (0)1480 474517

The whole process is very easy.
1. Register online, 24-7. Once your account is open, you will receive an email from us, giving you access to our client area, where you can buy or sell currency whenever you wish. You will also be allocated your personal currency dealer within GCEN.

2. If you prefer to speak to your dealer, just contact us and we will provide you with a quote for the currency conversion.

3. Once you have agreed how much you want to exchange, tell us who you want to pay.

4. Send the funds to one of GCEN’s dedicated currency accounts.

5. On receipt, we exchange the currency at the agreed rate, and send the money out, according to your instructions.

6. Log in any time to track your payment. Or track the progress of your deal using our email updates.

Welcome to our Online Business registration. Once your business is registered, you will be able to take advantage of our great rates online, and through your dedicated currency dealer. Create an Account here:

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