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Currency Exchange FAQ’s

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How can I use Global Currency Exchange Network’s services?
Just use the online FREE to register form and we’ll get in touch. We can then provide you with the best currency exchange rates available. We will also guide you through the very simple process of making a money transfer.

  • How long will it take for my money to reach my foreign bank account?

As soon as we have cleared funds in our account, the currency is exchanged and we forward it to the bank account that you have told us to send it to. It takes about 1 to 5 days, depending on the banks involved. You will need to allow for the money to clear in our account. Cheques can take 5 days, BACs transfers take about 2-3 days, and CHAPS transfers are instant.

  • Do I need a bank account?

No, If you are a UK resident you can receive foreign currency in cash delivered to your door. Please see this link for further information.

  • Is my money safe?

Of course. Barclays Bank are our treasury provider. We cannot do business unless we are accepted by them. Your money is held in a dedicated Barclays client account during the procedure. More information on security and regulations.

  • How can Global Currency Exchange Network beat the bank currency rates so easily?

We simply work on a high turnover, low profit, principle. We exchanged over 335,000,000 last year. When you exchange that much money, you get a great rate of exchange from your bank! We simply pass on the advantage we have and our clients benefit from a fantastic, LOW, exchange rate giving better value for money.

  • Are your rates guaranteed?

Of course! Once you have registered for FREE, we will provide you with guaranteed rates. If you ask us to make the currency exchange on your behalf, we will buy that money at that rate on your behalf, and then make the transfer for you.

  • How much does it cost to use Global Currency Exchange Network?

Nothing to register. No commissions charged and no telegraphic transfer costs. We have special arrangement with banks in Spain, so that our clients don’t have to pay any local charges to receive the funds as well.

  • What amounts can be sent?

You can trade Online for amounts beween GBP200 and GBP5000. If you speak to one of our dealers you can trade via your account for any amount from GBP2000 to unlimted. For smaller trades for example holiday money delivered to your door, please use our commission free next day foreign exchange delivery service here.

  • How do I make a money transfer to you?

Send us your information on the Free account form, we will contact you, and provide you with a ´MONEY ORDER´ when you ask us to make a currency trade for you. On this form will be our Barclays client account details. You can ask your bank to make a transfer to this account. Or you can make a BACS or CHAPS transfer through your bank or internet banking facility. Finally, you can always post us a good old fashioned cheque.

Open A Free Account

To open a FREE account with Global Currency Exchange Network, please go here:

We will contact you to activate your account. The only items you will need to have available will be:

– A copy of your Passport, or Driving License
– A recent utility bill, or a copy of a bank statement, no less than 3 months old.

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