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Our graphs and live currency exchange rates calculators indicate the current inter-bank foreign exchange rates. The graphs only show the most frequently traded currencies.

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These rates are based on live interbank foreign exchange rates. You can expect to achieve a buying or selling rate no more than a couple of % points different from these rates at the time of your trade. Rates are however subject to both small and large fluctuations based on market forces. That is why you will always be provided with a confirmation of the trading rate by a dealer or broker prior to signing in agreement to buy of sell the currency.

Our currency exchange services provide a professional, efficient and cost-effective method for currency conversion. Our very personal service is suited to business users, needing to buy forex at the best currency exchange rates available, and for the private clients who wish to make a single money transfer, or regular payments such as overseas pension transfers.

With years of experience and a dedicated team, let Global Currency Exchange Network take care of your money transfers.

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