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Merchant Services for International student payments and receipts

Online currency exchange referral systems GCEN » Merchant Services for International student payments and receipts

To receive International Student payments, have your own multi-currency payments system displayed on your website.

Use our online merchant service systems to receive payments from your overseas students.

Our online currency payment solution is used by Universities and International Schools or Colleges.         Apply HERE

This is how our standard i-frame set of pages would look within your own web site.

It’s very easy to install. As soon as you have it on your web site, your students can begin using it.

We provide:

A seamless online ‘Student Payment solution’, where your students can easily pay your fees in almost any currency, and you will receive payment in your single, chosen, currency.

You do not get charged for this service. Your institution will receive the student payments as soon as they clear through our system.

This service saves you time. It saves your students time, and saves them money when compared to the costly alternatives available.

Full online reconciliation is available for you.

How the system works:

We send you code to add into your web site pages, together with your affiliate number.

This then displays the online students payments system in your web site. It carries your affiliate number, so that we know where all of your student payments will need to be paid to.

You tell all of your students to pay for their accommodation or fees, using your new online system. It allows them to pay in full or part-pay, using their usual currency.

We receive the payments, in almost any currency. We exchange it into the currency of your choice and send the payment into your designated company account.

During any part of the process, you and your students, can track payments and receipts. If they part pay, they will receive reminders and you will be informed of any balances they pay.

Saves you time and money. Reduce your admin. Make it easier for your students to pay.

Nobody does this for nothing:

We earn a small amount on every student payment from the currency exchange. In return we manage the whole system, give the clients a commercial rate of exchange, and don’t charge commission or transfer fees.

The amount that we take from the currency exchange is less than the amount that a bank would charge the client, so all clients will save by using us.

You do not get charged for using our service.

You also earn a share of what we earn on the exchange of currency.

You will have access to view your payments at all times. Commission is paid monthly.

Commission is paid in your currency of choice.

Contact us to discuss this further.

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Customer Security

The security of your customers is treated with the highest importance. We have worked hard to retain the trust of our customers, and business partners.

We have a team of technology experts, committed to ensuring that we provide a continually secure environment.

A Secure Banking Environment

FX-Foreign Exchange, together with GCEN participate in the SWIFT Interbank network with over 7,400 financial institutions in more than 200 countries. By using an international network consisting of Schedule”A” banks in all major banking nations, we are able to guarantee that payments will be delivered to overseas suppliers on time, and that clients are able to receive payments from anywhere in the world.

Secure Online Communications

We utilise numerous levels of physical, logical and software security controls to protect our hosting infrastructure. Data safely travels through “Secure Socket Layer” (SSL) technology using 128-bit encryption. This is the “de facto” standard for data encryption on the Internet. It means unauthorised individuals will not be able to decipher your confidential and sensitive financial information.

A Secure Operational Centre

We maintain our servers in a secure facility, that can only be accessed by authorised senior personnel. We retain redundant software, and continually service our on-site power generators to ensure that disruptions are both manageable and kept to a minimum.

Secure Information

Your client’s privacy is considered in all aspects of our business. As a result, we maintain systems to protect the security of information and to protect that information from unauthorised access.

Regulated Business

Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Reg. No. 504346
UK HM Revenue & Customs Money Laundering No. 12137189.
Royal Bank of Scotland, our Treasury Exchange

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